Play and Learn



Since we believe play is where children learn and discover the world, i built cirriculum to ensure children learn all the basics! Through games, toys, outdoors,books,songs,dance and so much more I help shape and teach children. I work hard to ensure your child is ready for Kindergarten.


We play games such as yahtzi, dominoes and dice. We count objects while on or daily walks.  The children sing songs and read books. Our play will encourage children to recognize numbers and count, in order to prepare them for Kindergarten.


We learn about nature, weather, cause and effect and many more aspects of Science. We do experiments to learn certain reactions. Nature scavenger hunts and observing walks through the neighborhood. These are just a few examples of how we learn all the elements of science.


We enjoy r ading at Miss Mary’s. I have a large collection of books that the children have access to in our library area. I read daily and encourage the children to read with me. 


Each child has a notebook that we use to practice our letters. Some consist of shapes and pictures as children find their way to writing ABC’s.


Our favorite subject at Miss Mary’s! Children find their inner artist as we use paints,markers,colors and random supplies to make masterpieces. We work on scissor skills And gluing. Art  can build confidence as well as improve fine motor skills,getting them prepared for Kindergarten